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Arnie mends bridges with FFA and Lowy

  • Arnie mends bridges with FFA and Lowy

Graham Arnold has offered an olive branch to Frank Lowy declaring the Football Federation Australia chairman a "god" of the game.

The pair entered a public war of words last week after Sydney FC coach Graham lashed out amid speculation the game's governing body was preparing to introduce a third Sydney A-League team.

After the FFA only offered the Wellington Phoenix a four-year licence, instead of a 10-year term, many clubs interpreted it as meaning the New Zealand side's days were numbered.

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Graham said he feared for the Sky Blues' future as Sydney could not accommodate three teams.

That elicited a strong rebuke from Lowy, the chairman of the Westfield shopping centre group.

"My advice to Graham Arnold is to focus on making Sydney FC a champion team instead of entering a debate he knows nothing about," Lowy said in a statement on Friday.

On Wednesday, Arnold refused to dump further fuel on the simmering feud despite standing by his claims.

"It shows how good (Australian football) is going if even Frank Lowy is talking about me," Arnold said.

"That's fantastic news. He's not thinking about Westfield."

He did however take a veiled swipe at the FFA, suggesting Lowy did not author the quotes attributed to him in the statement.

"I always respect my elders. That's how I was brought up. Frank Lowy is a god for this game of football. He saved it. So I have nothing but the utmost respect for him," Arnold said.

"But maybe he didn't write the piece."

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